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Okay Ladies here I go again trying something new for weight reduction/ inch loss.


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Post - Menopause reared it’s ugly head again January 2016, after 2 years of bliss and I am up 3 sizes…..grrrrr!!!!!  Not good when summer comes so early and you go to put on your shorts and you can only get them over your knees to mid thigh. Thought I had a month or so to get the winter fluff off. 


Luckily 5 days ago a very good customer of mine came into the store and I am looking at her going what shaper is she wearing or did she get one of our workout waist trainers that nip the waist in and burn fat while you wear it. Elaine has struggled with her inches since I have known her (15 years) like myself and I am looking at this nice waist line going damn what are you doing. She is still a nice curvy lady like myself an again those menopausal years have been nasty. Elaine reduced 9” fricken inches in I think 3 weeks on the waist alone……..SIGN ME UP!


So here is what is happening on this new product and the six day challenge I am doing. This is so like my old product that many know I used and promoted and went from a size 12 to a 2. Also remember that I am a coffeeaholic a pot a day to keep up the pace I run.


Day 1 -  Do the nasty step on the scale, measurements and before picture.

No coffee other then the SlimRoast alkalinizing healthy coffee. Like no other coffee all day!

Is it my imagination but not as many hot flashes?

Energy good all day. Worked a 8am - 8pm shift this day.Took the TRIM before  dinner and all good.


Day 2 -  Still no coffee, energy good, even the girls at the store are noticing me complaining less again my hot flashes.


Day 3 - Okay this is interesting I am fitting my bras better and not feeling fluffy at all. Tied  my wrap skirt tighter past the place I normally tie it……..oh please be working. Chandra is noticing things also she is one of the staff at the Warman store. Oh by the way still no other coffee and no withdrawal side effects.


Day 4 - Woke up early today, not normal for me, hot flashes are less then half not waking up at night, but do not  take the Trim after 5pm in my case, could not sleep all night all revved up.


Day 5 - No Coffee at all other then the SlimRoast. It has been 20 years that I have gone a day without coffee, usually get a severe withdrawal migraine! My honey "feels" my boobies are smaller (that is a good thing in my case). Two of my staff yesterday said my tummy looks flatter and I definitely feel less fluffy can't wait till weight in and measurements Tuesday morning. Plus NO sugar craving have not gone once to the candy dish at the stores. This is insane!!!!! Had my Prevail Trim at 5ish so actually slept last night even with the thunder storms that rolled through, never do that either.


Day 6 - My tummy is definitely flatter! I went out for dinner with my daughter last night as we ran our asses off at the store yesterday and did not get to eat! Had a sangria, and big seafood style salad and could not finish it at all, a salad! That never happens. Usually we have appetizers, meal and desert.....okay did have desert later though. No regular coffee and day 6 now. Maybe I can kick the bad habit. There is massive hope here. 2 1/2 hot flashes yesterday. This is all good. 2nd day of gunky cotton mouth, detoxing.


Day 7 - This is the day you take off of the product but by now it is in the system and still working. 


HEHEHE down 1.5 lbs and 6.5 inches.....holly hanah! 

In 6 days!!!


My bra cup is loose and the band comfortable again. Tummy is visibly flatter and 1/2 off my neck weird. Most of it is chest, ribcage and abdomen!!!!!!!! My honey and I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night and I had popcorn w/extra butter and normal dinner. WOW! 



Moving into the 12 in 24 Challenge Part 

12 lbs or 12 inches or combination of in 24 Days.



Day 8 - Oh thank goodness I am back on the product today!!!! Yesterday was a rough day. Started fine then headache started cause I really did try not to have to any coffee. Had to have 2 cups but by then I was down for the count with a full on migraine. Don't understand how this SlimRoast works when I do not drink reg coffee only the slim roast? At dinner I could not finish my salad.......a salad again? But my eating/binging at night came back......shoot. Glad I am back on it.


Day 9 - Super busy day at the store, worked both, crashed when I got home. Did Get two more of my staff measured and set up to start the 6 Day Challenge. One is working out at Orange Theory, will be interesting to watch her progress.


Day 10 - Boyfriend started yesterday. Okay the SlimRoast is not the same as a Timmy’s coffee and does not taste that bad……plug your nose and gulp it down. I won’t say it is as bad as Buckles cough syrup but it is worth it to give it an honest try. It is an alkaline instant coffee that is good for you! I am still coffee free except for my day off. Saving myself $60+ a month on Tim runs alone. I think I had a couple hot flashes yesterday. Not waking up at night with the sweats, or I was so out to the world I did not notice.


Day 11 - Long day again started in Warman store closed in Market Mall so I tried the Energy Drink and yes it works well without any jitters or rushes. One thing can not think if I had a hot flash/ flushes yesterday. I actually was rather cold most of the day. 2 customer noticed that I have gotten smaller. I visibly can see in my tummy area.


Day 12 - It was awesome cause I got back into my jeans!!!!!! NO muffin top! Felt good so went out for dinner and dancing…….Okay over did it last night going out, but really needed to let off some steam. Recovering from last night, but still had my coffee a really greasy eggs and bacon breakfast and buttery popcorn later in he afternoon. Took my Trim before dinner but could only stomach toast. This actually may be the flue.


Day 13 - Definitely think I got a touch of the flue, queasy all morning. Stuck it out for work and had a good day started in one store and closed in the other. Did eat through the day but went to have dinner and stomach is doing flip flops again. One more of my gals at work was down with the flue also could be detoxing as well do dump a lot of toxins when you reduce.


One of my staff did her first measure in and has gone down 8 3/4 inches she is happy happy! Another is a total on her waist alone 3 1/2 inches she does not care about the rest of her measurements.


Day 14 - Suppose to do measures today and scale but going to pass really not feeling well at all. Damn guess got run down from the weekend. OH! But hot flashes / flushes barely notice over the last few days. Totally grateful for that. Actually chills but that could be not feeling well. Will weigh in tomorrow and measure. Having regular coffee today but it is really not sitting well and tasting good either.


Day 15 - DETOXING……that is what has been going on the last few days. When you dissolve a lot of fat cells you release a lot of toxins. So had to get the poop tea out. Rough week but got to go through this process to continue. Usually a detox will happen the 3rd to 5th week not second. This has worked really fast for me.


Day 16 - So I just put on my skort this morning and I can get them up over my hips and done up comfortably… is working still. Now to get some sun on these very scary white legs.


Day 17 - This was a really rough day! Forgot how hard DETOXING can hit some people like myself. Did get one of my massive migraines but also the weather was being really windy Thursday night and all day on top of just bad timing. I was down for the count most of the day. Finally had a poop though. Yes there will be poop stories here.


BUT on the plus side, still off the regular coffee other then my day off the product. The girls at the store were so thoughtful and bought me a Tim’s coffee ( XL 4 cream 1 sugar) and I took one sip and went YUK that was gross tasting! Down the sink it went.


Hormones once and a while I notice a hot flush and that is if I notice, this is a really big deal for me! Skin is getting oily again (this is good) and hair is changing. All good as your skin really dries out and  your hair gets really brittle in these hormonal years.


Went to the Product Presentation in Saskatoon Thursday night and we had a full room and met some of my customers on the product and other men and ladies I know………The business side of this has caught my attention BIG TIME. I am a business woman and I am not adverse to making money when I am helping so many people. I am in with a 16 PACK! I believe in the product now. I was cautious an apprehensive over these past few weeks but you can not ignore the scale, measuring tape, the mirror and the bank account. Already had my first deposit of 100USD.


This is really a plot to make the masses have to buy new skinny bras……..have a boobalicious day!


Day 18 - Back to the nasty detoxing “better out then in” as the saying goes. Learned that if you are detoxing too fast and getting constipated to cut back on the trim to 1/2 a pack, doing that tonight. 


Day 19 - I am starting to really crave and look forward to my morning one coffee a day. Taking 1/2 the trim was not a good idea as my bad habit of snacking all night kicked in a bit. Caught myself but had the left over chicken wings. The guilt. Way too close to bedtime also. This stuff is really working cause it really has curtailed my night time eating binges.


I am down to noticing one hot flash mid morning and one in the evening. Hard to tell if I am just hot or it is a hot flash as we are sitting at around 25C to 29C these days. Finally had a normal good bowel movement this mornin.  I feel like I am back to my old self again. Energy is really good today.


Dec 20 - So yesterday was a really good day felt great look great. Energy is better again, but woke up at 4am and I was awake. Still trying to figure out how much of the immune to take and when. Did not take it last night so I did not sleep through. When I take it I sleep longer. 


Weight in was down 1.5 lbs no change on inches but my clothes are fitting way better, bra cups are loose and I look smaller. Weird. I am very happy though. 


3RD WEEK - So total inches is 8.25 and 3 lbs which equals 11.25. So I am really on track to make the 12 ( inches or lbs or any combination of ) in 24 days.


Day 21 - OMG thank goodness for the Energy product from this company or I would not be pulling the hours I am with all that is on my plate right now. Had to drive into Saskatoon and literally wanted to go crawl up on the couch and have a nap at 5:30pm. So what the heck try the energy drink. Was totally alert and fine within 15 minutes. Drove in dropped off stuff worked a bit and came home and worked at home till 1am. All good.


Day 22 - Again thank goodness for the Energy Drink will be living on this stuff  for the next week with staff off, bridal alterations and tax stuff to deal with. Great thing is I am not crashing which I hear is what happens after you use those nasty energy drinks on the market. Tasted some of those brands that the girls bring into the store but they are disgusting and leave an after taste…….this stuff tastes great.


Day 23 - OMG moment again……..can’t remember when I have had a hot flash and no sweats at night even though it is stinking hot out. This is so awesome. 


Day 24 - Hanging in here on this week of no time off. Did not go out to Rodeo as too much work to do high stress but thanks to the products I am handling it. Have to celebrate my birthday another time.


Day 25 - I am surprised I have not crashed yet and realized I have not had any aches or pains or stiffness when I wake up in the mornings. Another wonderful side effect of being on these products. 


I have always enjoyed good nutrition and been very diligent about ingredients and using the best products out there that are whole food related in liquid forms not pills and capsules. It confuses me a bit as these are ingredients I have used in other products but this combination seems to be the key.


Day 26 - Okay enjoying my cup of coffee this morning as tomorrow is the first day of the week break off the product that you are to do. Little apprehensive as there will be no coffee in the morning and not sure how to address my old habit. Also they say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or break an old habit. Guess we will see how accurate that is.


Day 27 - Check in Day. Down a total of 8 3/4 inches and 3 lbs =  

               11 3/4 total which is bang on the 12 in 24 Days.


I did not change my eating patterns but my eating patterns changed. There are so many pluses hear about the inch and weight loss that I am continuing the 3 months as that is how long a product must be tested out to get the long term effects or results. 120 days to produce new healthy red blood cells.


I am fitting into my 30F’s again comfortably things are shifting still.


Dang accidentally made the coffee this morning so drank it did not want to waste a packet. So YES to creating habits in 21 days that is true. Did not take the trim at night and keep going to the pantry to look at it……..deep sigh! Ended up grabbing a hand full of nuts as I have not had Lays potato chips in the pantry for weeks. Better choice but frustrated that the late evening munchies are back so quick. Stupid thyroid.


Day 28 - Tried not to have any coffee broke down mid morning so doctored it up with Mt. Capra Mineral whey which looks like coffee and is very alkalinizing to the body. Trying to do the right things. Started to get a migraine so resorted to coffee. Total shakes happening so…….some coffee. Damn.


2 Hot flushes this morning and sweats at night……another deep sigh. Okay the product was working really well.


Day 29 - Okay today but I am back to having real coffee so no headache today. More hot flashes. Shit. Guess you can use the Immune or Energy sticks while on the break. The whole point of the break is to reset your metabolism but mine is reverting back rather fast. I do know it takes me a lot longer to get a product working in my body due to my thyroid and with these hormones I understand.


Day 30 - Another bad migraine had to get up take Aleve and back to bed this moring. The aches and pains are back. Well the product obviously works and I need it. Glad I am on Autoship and it is on its way. 


Day 31 - Exhausted…. the products were and are really adding to my nutritional routine that I already have. Missing them. I am doing the energy drink while I am off the SlimRoast and Trim. Hot flushing periodically through the day. Every morning so far that I have been off the 2 products. Can’t wait to be back on them.


Day 32 - Woke up at 6am with a severe migraine took advil and tried to sleep it off for another hour. Had a very strong regular coffee and felt a little better. Had my energy drink at 1pm and the rest of the day went well.


I binge ate last night cause we did major groceries and I sampled lots of the choices while I put away. When I grocery shopped prior to being on the products, I did not even want to buy the stuff I looked at and wanted tonight. The sweets and junk food was calling me again. This kinda blows my mind as I have to willing pass by those foods (non foods) but when on the SlimRoast and Trim I am totally not interested in those types of foods. 


Day 33 - Oh no wonder I am tired and stressed out!!!! I just worked 13 days straight with no day off!!! Plus all the late hours and early mornings of tax stuff and alterations for the store (bridal season). No wonder I was getting a little cranky and tired.


Oh and plus introducing people to this product and getting them on the 6 day challenge. It is rather easy at the store to do this when the customer is saying, “how do you get rid of this”, as they grab the tummy area. So if someone says they have no time to create a second income stream I would willingly give them a swat for you.


Day 34 - Not feeling to bad but can’t wait to go back on the coffee and back on the Trim. One more day……can I cheat and start early? Will be good and wait so we have accurate accounts. No head aches no hot flashes this morning, my world is good today. Hungry though which again is not the norm for me so this has really got my thyroid working better.


Day 35 - Even though I have been on my week off the product it has continued to work as they claim. I have

                gone done another 1 inch and 1/2 pound bringing me to a total of 9 3/4 inches + 3.5 lbs. = 13.25.


Other Benefits I have experienced over this time are:


Sleeping way better! Less getting up or waking up.

Hormonal balance awesome to almost no hot flashes/flushing.

No nightt sweats at all!!!!!

Improved self esteem, mood improvement, lifted.

Waking with less pain / stiffness in the mornings with all joints.

Energy really good (specially when taking Energy drink).

Hungry in the mornings and lunch (not a breakfast eater)

No binge or bored eating at night.

Not wanting the bad foods.

Not craving sweets or salt (thyroid disfunction)


NOT one Tim’s coffee over this whole time other then a sip and it was disgusting and poured it down the sink. Saving myself $60+ dollars a month there, actually $120 cause I always grabbed something else with it.


Eating less but at the right times. Do not even want the bad foods or starchy foods. I am a bread aholic and have cut that down to almost nil.


In conclusion the product does work. How it is going to work for everyone is going to be different as we are all unique individuals with different challenges. This product is working in your bodies priority so sometimes it will take longer for desired results even though when you do the week break you may discover that it was working on way different stuff then the inch or pound reduction.


Enjoy your 12 in 24 challenge.


If you want in Go to  and ORDER NOW!


You are also welcome to pop by the store and talk to the girls that are also trying this or contact us via email, Facebook or however. The staff on it are Lindsay, Morgana, Chandra, Rae-Ann, Kelsey and more to come.


The 4 products they have are:


SlimRoast Healthy Coffee        (healthy alternative to reg. coffee)

Prevail Trim                              (surpresses the urge for nigh time binging)

Prevail Energy                         (replace your energy drinks)

Prevail Immune boost.             (helps you sleep and flush toxins)


You can order whatever combination you want 1PK / 3PK / 6PK. I have ordered two 16 packs and probably will be ordering a third this weekend to have product on hand to help people get started immediately. 


Can not wait to measure on Tuesday morning my day off the product.



Contact  these people for more info:


Elaine Bowyer

306-262-7665 (text)


Morgana Scully ( 8 3/4 inches 12 days )



Kelsey Weibe (2.5 inches off waist in first 3 days).



Chandra Howell (energy drink addiction so using Prevail Energy from the company)

306-220-0277 (text also)


Angela Craig ( 6.5 inches and 1.5 lbs 6 Day challenge).



Thank you, Thank you Elaine for not being scared to approach me!!!!!!!


Absolutely LOVEN this product!