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Family Day OPEN Market Mall 11-5 / Closed Warman.
3 FFY Bras on sale till stock is gone in warehouse.


Market Mall OPEN Monday 11-5.

Warman Closed Monday.


Antique Show starts Monday Feb 17th at Market Mall and goes to Sunday.


New Octavia Strapless bra with memory foam bump up to give the girls some volume on the top. Really good for soft tissue with weight loss or life. Works really well for augmented breast tissue as the breast does not like to settle into the bottom of a bra cup and can create a collapsed bottom to a cup. This is also true to young firm breasts.


32-40 A / 30-40 B to F

$76.00 comes with straps and hook tape all along top edge to position straps to match outfits.


Vanna Bra from Parfait is performing amazingly!!! We are repeating already. Great plunge pushup with little padding and stretchy overlay lace for when the girls are a little puffy or when the bigger girl wants to pop out and party. Contains the uncooperative breasts.


34-44 C / 32-44 D to G ( fits really big in the E to G cups so we are fitting

up J cups in this bra! ) Crazy!!!



SALE BRAS from FFY Chocolate and Teal Nicole is depleting fast at the warehouse and next is the Graphite and Pink. We are still ordering these till stock runs out.


30-44 C to J cups.

Chocolate $46.00 Graphite $64.00

Coral Serena bra on sale as well to make room for 2 NEW colours coming March. This has the "J" clip to make it a T back bras. Clip is adjustable.


Have an awesome Family Day and Winter Break.





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