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Market Mall 306-374-2325
Warman, SK 306-249-6239
Back to School FALL BASICS...3 Bras 1 dark, 1 light and 1 sports bra.
Summer Sale Continues both stores.....GOTTA Make room!
We are completely OPEN both locations!
10-6 Mon-Fri. / Thurs. to 7pm / Sat. 10-5
Sunday 11-5 Market Mall Only.


There is soooo much to write about and share with you all about new stock, that has arrived and will be arriving by September. Our suppliers have come through the crazy with flying colours and everyone is open again.


I am working on getting more swimwear as fast as I can in.This is the only area of our market that has been hit hard. 


"Welcome Back to Bodacious" 

Thank you to everyone that has been in the last 16 weeks you have all been so understanding and polite.

We have awesome customers!


Please Wait to be greeted by Staff at the doors!


15 customers in the store is the maximum right now! We get a little congested when there is more then 10 at any time with staff = 12 - 15.


Masks are not mandatory for customers, but wearing them makes everyone around us feel more comfortable, definitely when we have a full store!


If you wish to touch and browse please use hand sanitizer when you come in. We have always been a full service store so we do the work for you. Our regulars understand this concept.


Staff will wear the masks in the change room and when there are customers in the store.


Change rooms are sanitized after each use. 

What is tried on is steamed after each person.

Counters and pin pads sprayed or wiped after each use.


Please respect these guidelines, thank you.


Angela and Staff

We are back!