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BACK TO SCHOOL Basics and NEW Fall colours arriving!
We come in all shapes and sizes let Bodacious Bustlines take the pain out of Bra Shopping!


Back to School BLAHS....We can fix that! Did your little girl turn into a young lady this summer, did she sprout boobies overnight? We can help with the pre-teens or tweens as they are called.


For your teens that just do not stop growing or are spilling out of their swimsuits / bras this summer we can fix that to!


FYI once girls hit puberty the breasts keep growing till you are 25. The two worst years it seems are 14-15yrs old and 19yrs old. When do our breast change the most? Sam one of my staff has come up with a simple acronym "the 3P's",


Puberty - 9-14yrs old.

Pregnancy - the child bearing years. Usually you gain a cup a child, while some women feel like they deflate. They are still there let us help you find them.

Peri-menopause - 36-45years old is when it starts!!! It is so magical, I went up 4 cup sizes which is very common.


These are where we see the biggest shifts in breast change. Welcome to the wonderful world of boobies and that is why you come and see us at Bodacious to try and take the pain out of bra shopping!


Have a boobalicious day.


Weddings! We have all the stuff you need for under your dresses at Bodacious Bustlines for the whole wedding party and guests.


We now have the different stick on cups A - H. We are ordering every other week on this product to keep stock up. Also we are having good success with the lift tapes. 


Low back bustiers are also in high demand and we are now dealing direct with VaBien one of our main companies. 


We also have extreme shape wear in for those cocktail dresses that seem to have shrunk over the winter season. Weird how that happens. 


The slip dresses from Body Hush are one of our most popular items. Again ordering every week.


TIP: If you can bring the dresses in it really helps if not mark with pen on your body wear the dress sits and we will try to match something up. Pictures front and back also really help.

Okay it is time to do some EARLY BRA SPRING CLEANING.........Geese are coming back the bunnies are turning brown. Oh I so Hope spring is here now!

If you are not aware or our Bra Recycle Program here it is.

Bring in your gently used or down right nasty bras and receive 10% off your new regular priced bra. BRA for BRA!


What do we do with them? We donate the gently used bras to different organizations locally and abroad. We just sent another 2000 down to Mexico. I am in the process of putting together strapless bras for girls graduating that are in need. 


The nasty ones we harvest for parts, wires specially. When you break a wire this is were they come from. We take off hooks and eyes, findings, wires, tabs, channelling and all sorts of parts that are needed to do the minor free repairs, on the bras that you buy from us. 


When should a bra be replaced? The bra may look perfectly fine but lately you notice while wearing it that you are fussing with it. Pull bands down, moving straps around, trying to lift the cups, just not as comfy as it use to be. This is a sure sign it is time to trade it in. I personally just noticed this with one of my bras that I have been wearing all is time!


Sure signs to trade in bras:


No more stretch to elastics or the elastic is all wavy. 50% of your support comes from the band fitting correctly.


Channelling is disintegrating under the arm and the wires keep popping out, even with our minor fix of a tab. Body oils, perspiration and the heavy use of deodorants or body powder really eat away at bras.


Cups seem to be loose or baggy and no matter how you adjust the band or straps there is no lift left. 25% of your support comes from the structure of the cup, specially the foam cups and those ones are hard to tell when they are done. When you put on a fresh new one you sure can see the difference though.


When the layers come off your want to look perky and young breasted, make sure your have a new bra to lift those girls and look fabulous for those spring summer light layers.