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Who is Bodacious?
11 YEARS OPEN…….Wow.......44,000+ customers and 2
stores later.


Kinda hit home last week that I have never lived anywhere long enough growing up or in life until I moved to Warman Jun 01, 2007. I made the comment to many people that it felt like I had finally moved home. I was born in Victoria, B.C. but my roots go back to Elbow, SK where my great grandparents owned the general store there and raised a large family until the dirty 30’s hit and the family migrated west to Chemainus, B.C.


The love affair with beautiful lingerie started way back when I was 14 when I ventured into a boutique on Douglas St. in Victoria. I remember going in and just touching all the beautiful laces, satins and fabrics. I would spend hours there trying on bras, panties and lingerie, I loved the feel of it and how it made me feel. It inspired me on such a subconscious level. 


The fashion industry always had my attention growing up starting at 9 years old when my grandmother taught me how to sew. Through school I walked to a different drum always creating or wearing odd weird styles and doing lots of weird wild things to my hair and fashion. I was out of the house and working at 16 and all over the board, until I started Fashion Arts in the early 80’s. I was 21 and finally figuring out what direction to take in life. In 1989 I was living in Ft. McMurray, AB. when I finally opened my first retail store. That was the true beginning of my purpose in life.


Opening my 4th store in Warman was not what I intended when initially moving here. My daughter was going into grade 5 and needing less of her mom, so I was considering making a career change and going into culinary arts. I love food and cooking and thought what the heck why not. The universe had other plans. My business partner in Airdrie could not raise the money to buy me out so I ended up with half the stock and half the assets instead. This all happened in a whirl wind short time and August 15th, 2007 I opened the store in Warman. 


…….and what a ride it has been over the last 11 years in Warman and  2 1/2 years in Market Mall.


Many people have suggested I write a book with all the interesting stories I have accumulated over the years. I actually did a short story called “The fly on the Change room wall”, insights into bra fitting 101. Yes maybe in another 10 years I might do that. So here we are today with 2 stores an a 3rd in the back of my mind. We will keep you posted on this new adventure into the exotic side of my industry.


I have pondered and mulled over why I have been so successful here in Saskatchewan vs other places and I have to put it down to the people. Like I said before I have felt like I moved home, but it goes further then that, I was meant to be here. To make a difference in peoples lives and to make a difference in the bra industry. That destiny is still before me, the making a difference in the industry. We now work with two, possibly three big companies on product development. With my background in the design manufacturing industry and my years of experience I have a lot to offer. 


Again it has been so different here. It is like my mind opened up and I started to do business differently in this niche industry. How I measured. I went back to my roots of sewing and design and said, “How they measure and fit out there is wrong!” So I started doing it and training my staff to do it from a pattern making standard. Many people say to us on a daily basis, “why do your bras fit so differently”? It is not the bras as many brands we carry you can buy in department stores and other stores. What we do is fit you into the bras differently and measure as if we are going to make you a bra. Then we show you some good tips on how to wear that particular style of bra. It is not rocket science but good old basic sewing which is a lost art.



The adventure that has become Bodacious Bustlines Corporation (August 2018)………the sega continues. 



Angela Craig